THE story of a Chard couple desperate to find a new home for their beloved cat has been given a 'purrfect' ending.

As reported in last week's News, Arthur and Joyce Roberts were distraught at the thought of having to put down their 16 year-old cat Angelina, as they could not take her into residential care with them.

But after an unprecedented number of calls to the newsroom, the fluffy feline has been successfully re-housed.

Angelina is now living with a veterinary nurse in Crewkerne, who fell in love with her when she went to have her nails clipped last week.

Arthur explained: "The nurse told us that she had a 16 year-old male cat and thought that Angelina would make a good companion for him.

"Although we preferably wanted to find her a home with no other animals, the nurse was confident that they would be compatible.

"Angelina immediately snuggled up to the nurse so she offered to take her home that night and apparently she has settled in very well."

"Although we were sad to say goodbye to Angelina, were are glad that she is happy in her new home."

The couple were delighted to hear that the News had been inundated with enquiries from local people offering to look after their much-loved pet.

Arthur said: "It's marvellous to hear what a good response the appeal has had, Joyce and I would like to thank everyone for their support."