AN ILMINSTER-based business is set for global expansion when it starts selling across Australia and USA.

The Nomad’s Kitchen will make its spice racks available to customers down under and across the pond this week.

The company was founded by six friends from Ilminster - Will Spurway, Sam Tratt, Steve Miller, Chris Bussell, George Pugson and Adam Haimes.

They launched the business less than two years ago and provide personal herbs and spice kits to help with the experience of cooking on the road.

One of the team, Adam Haimes, is currently located in Australia and has helped the team set up shop there too.

He said: “We are all very excited for this next step.

“Australia has a great travelling, camping and fishing market which we hope to become a part of.

“I’m sure it isn’t going to be all plain sailing, but we are ready for the challenge and all that comes with it.”

The team’s ‘kitchen’ weighs 0.5kg and has eight different herbs and spices, a utility pen knife, a spork, lighter, cooking oil and a chopping board.

Each item is refillable and reusable.

The group were inspired to start the venture after experiencing stressful problems trying to cook on the road.

A spokesman for Nomad’s Kitchen added: “Identifying these problems while travelling overseas and camping ourselves, the group decided to create a product simplifying this area making cooking, lighter, easier, tastier and therefore more enjoyable.

“As well as launching in two new continents, we are also excited to launch our new product ‘The Nomad’s Spice Rack’, which is a smaller version of our first product ‘The Nomad’s Kitchen’.

““It is a good time for us to make this move, with Christmas coming up, this is a perfect gift for any adventurer you might know; campers, backpacking on a gap year, fishermen, BBQers, scouts – or any food lover.”

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