CHARD Museum could be undergoing a redesign as the team behind the scenes celebrate the 50th anniversary.

The plans are part of the new 50 and Beyond project, which has also seen a new website, monthly newsletters and a virtual museum launched.

Vince Lean, the museum’s chairman, formerly announced the four-year project to transform the museum.

He said: “There have been lots of groundbreaking activities happening at the museum in this rather traumatic year.

“In many ways there has been so much happening and in such a short space of time it is very easy for members, stakeholders and our supporters to get confused with where we are, what we are trying to achieve and what decisions have to be made.”

Vince added: “By the end of October 2020, we will have received the building surveys and received outline ideas for a Museum re-design. This work was commissioned in August.

“The results will help us to understand the condition of the museum buildings, the risks of taking over the building lease and the possibility of how we improve the museum exhibits and the visitor experience.”

Members will then vote on the transfer of assets to the new Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

“Early in the new year (2021), we can start more detailed negotiations with SSDC on either a purchase price, a new lease or whether the museum is sustainable in the long-term,” said Vince.

“And that is only the beginning. If we have the security of either owning the site or having a new 25-year lease we can then take the design concepts and turn them into a detailed design plan. This will give specialist architects designs for a new building layout and a complete refreshment of our displays.

“This allows us to seek funds to start a visitor enhancement experience project.”

In October, they will be running a number of small Focus Groups in the Museum or via Zoom.