TESCO has unveiled changes for its Clubcard members - with big rewards for loyal shoppers.

We've put together everything you need to know.

What have Tesco changed for those who are Clubcard members?

On Tuesday, September 15, Tesco announced that it will offer exclusive deals to loyal customers and lower even more prices, which bosses say will give customers 'even greater value under one roof'.

Clubcard customers will be able to access hundreds of exclusive deals on familiar branded and own brand products by simply scanning their Clubcard App, Clubcard or fob at the checkout or when shopping online.

The deals, known as ‘Clubcard Prices’, reward loyal customers with lower prices on popular products.

When did the changes begin?

The discounts, which started on Tuesday, September 15, allow customers to save up to 50 per cent on a variety of big brands, such as Carte D’Or, Birds Eye, and McCain.

What else are Tesco doing?

Alongside this, the supermarket have said that all Tesco customers will benefit from the extended Aldi price match campaign – which will now match the price of more than 500 own-brand and branded items.

With value for money becoming more important, Tesco say they are focusing on offering simple, low prices for everyday items.

The move aims to help those customers who want to spend less time shopping around for offers.

What have Tesco bosses said?

Alessandra Bellini, Tesco Chief Customer Officer, said: “We know that great value matters to customers more than ever before, that’s why, to reward our loyal customers, we’re offering everyone with a Tesco Clubcard access to hundreds of exclusive deals.

“We’re also offering everyday low prices on hundreds of products so that customers can get clear and consistent prices on the products they buy regularly.”

When were 'Clubcard Prices' first introduced?

Clubcard Prices were first introduced as part of Tesco’s Centenary celebrations in 2019 and are one of several perks that shoppers can access with Clubcard, alongside points, vouchers, rewards and coupons.

What safety measures do Tesco have in place at their stores?

Tesco say shoppers need to wear a face covering in-store, but staff won't be policing the rules.

Further details on Tesco's website states: "Where necessary, we’ll limit the flow of people coming into our stores to make sure they don’t get too busy.

"Hand sanitisers are being placed around our stores for customers and colleagues to use, as well as extra cleaning products to wipe down your trolley or basket.

"Please try to shop on your own to help reduce the number of people in-store at any one time.

"We understand that this is not always possible, so if you need to bring children with you or shop with a carer, you are welcome to do so."