HAVING had Brexit, and desperately seeking trade treaties, the Government now thinks it is a good idea to negate an International agreement into which Britain freely entered.

The spin is being put on this is merely precautionary. But the clear perception is that Britain is preparing to illegally break the Brexit Withdrawal Treaty, with the great risk of reigniting the Irish Troubles once again!

When a trade deal with our biggest (and nearest) trading partner is immediately threatened, the reputation of this country and every British business operating abroad is put at serious risk.

This has a knock-on effect. What reputable country will make a trade deal with a country that cannot be trusted? That seeks to break international treaties when it suits them?

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When would-be trade partners look more closely, they will see the pattern of Government decision making, of at least 11 u-turns, and they will back away, or demand massive financial guarantees up front.

Great Britain’s reputation took centuries to build. This country is increasingly being seen as some kind of banana republic, its government as dodgy and unreliable.

Cummings’ crew is using Covid-19 scares as a useful distraction to keep their scandals off the front pages. And their destructive strategies still continue behind the scenes.

We need to be protected from the small clique who have seized control of this government!