A SOMERSET six-year-old has set his eyes on raising more than £500 for charity after completing a 20 kilometre challenge.

Dylan Gray decided he wanted to raise cash for ‘sick children’ inspired by his own mum’s fundraising efforts.

His mum, Jemima, said: “Dylan completed a total of 20km over five days, starting with 6km on Monday, five on Tuesday, four on Wednesday, three on Thursday and the final 2km on Friday.

“I have done quite a lot of running events and this has inspired Dylan to want to do some.

“I told him about several different charities and he chose this one as he wanted ‘to help sick children get better’.

“It’s a charity that I have also raised money for in the past so he knows how important their work is. The charity directly funds the research of the consultant who looks after my friends daughter who has cancer.”

Last Thursday, Dylan combined his efforts with another youngster, Oscar Finn, who was also completing a 20km challenge.

Jemima added: “Dylan is friends with Oscar who has been doing a similar challenge for a different charity, the two boys met up on Thursday morning for the 3km run where they were joined by several other school friends in Neroche who supported them around the villages.”

So far Dylan has raised just over £400 for the charity but hopes to reach £500.

Jemima said: “I couldn’t be more proud of him, he set a target of £100 but has smashed that with the support of the community. Our neighbours even lined the street to cheer him in on his final run which was wonderful.

“He can’t believe he’s raised so much and keeps talking about how nice people are to keep donating.”

To donate to Dylan’s effort, visit justgiving.com/Dylang