A REGISTERED nurse was exposed to asbestos in wards at various hospitals where she worked, an inquest has been told.

Joyce Udall developed mesothelioma in the 18 months before her death aged 78 two weeks ago in Crewkerne.

Senior Somerset coroner Tony Williams told the Taunton hearing that her family believed she was exposed to cancer causing asbestos while working as a nurse in hospitals.

Mr Williams said the hospitals had hot water pipes lagged with powdered asbestos.

He said: "Having worked as a registered nurse at different hospitals, it is not necessary for me to pinpoint any hospital responsible for exposure."

He said Joyce worked in older hospitals where wards and corridors had pipes that were lagged with insulation where powdered asbestos was used.

Southport-born Mrs Udall, who was married to retired veterinary surgeon Norman, 82, died from malignant mesothelioma.

Mr Williams recorded a conclusion her death was due to industrial disease caused by workplace exposure.