THREE people were taken to hospital after a crash near Yeovil. 

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service were called at 10.25am on Sunday (July 19) to reports of a crash involving multiple vehicles and one person trapped in a van on Dorchester Road, Barwick.

Two fire engines and a rescue tender from Yeovil were sent to the incident.

When crews arrived the officer in charge confirmed it was a two vehicle crash with one driver physically trapped in a van and two people medically trapped in a car.

Firefighters stablised both vehicles to make space so they could free the people from the vehicles.

The officer in charge worked alongside paramedics at the scene to ensure the people who were trapped were given the best care possible.

A spokesperson for the fire service said three people involved in the crash were taken to hospital by air and land ambulance. 

"The casualty that was physically trapped within the van was released by the fire service using hydraulic cutting equipment and has been taken to hospital via air ambulance," the fire service spokesperson said.

"The paramedics on scene assessed both casualties medically trapped within the car and assisted them to safety. 

"The casualties that were released from the car by paramedics have also been taken to hospital via air ambulance and land ambulance.

"The crews on scene made the area safe and the care of the incident has been handed over to the police."

The Chard and Ilminster News has contacted South Western Ambulance Service for comment.