A VILLAGE pub which was forced to shut one day into its lockdown relaunch has announced plans for its second reopening.

The Green Dragon in Coombe St Nicholas opened on July 4, but the landlords decided to close again after facing anti-social behaviour from some customers.

But now, Clair and Vic Coulson are keen to move forward and have set a new reopening date - August 4.

They said: “It feels very nervous to reopen again after what we experienced on July 4. But we have a lots of support from people so it will be nice to welcome them back again.”

The first time that the pub reopened, Clair and Vic introduced all the rules needed to follow the coronavirus restrictions.

This included putting black bin bags over the urinals so only one person could use the gents at a time.

It wasn’t until later in the day that they found people had been treating the rules with contempt.

They said: “Someone thought it would be great to urinate all over the bags.

“We then had to clear up urine. It was a clear deliberate act with disregard for us and our other customers. Total disrespect to our property.

“Why would anyone feel the need do this? The hand sanitiser is the same - was it knocked off deliberately?

“Even if it wasn’t, why did nobody bring it to our attention? It would have saved a customer from slipping and injuring themselves.”

Customers also moved the furniture, despite instructions not to.

At the time, Clair and Vic added: “We shouldn’t be spending our day so upset that we had to close the pub until further notice and are even considering whether it’s worth trying to open at all.

“What makes it worse, we have been here four years. We know you, you know us. This isn’t strangers. It’s members of our own community.

“A kick in the teeth if ever there was one.”

In preparation for August 4, the Green Dragon will introduce more regulations.

They said: “Opening times are going to be a lot shorter now. As advised from the Environmental Health Officer, people will have to sign the track and trace before they are served a pint.

“We will now have both bars open. They will go in the small bar to be served a drink then go to the big bar to drink or eat. We are still working a one way system.

“The EHO also recommended taking the main door off the men’s toilet so we can see there is only one person in there at all times.”

The pub will also be operating the Eat Out To Help Out scheme.

They will have a temporary menu where nothing is over £10, and includes steaks, burgers, pizzas and more.

Clair and Vic added: "If we have any behaviour like we had before and we know who they are we will be barring them."