PEOPLE with long-term health conditions are being encouraged to increase their levels of physical activity to combat isolation and loss of confidence.

As part of Sport England's We are Undefeatable campaign, Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership (SASP), in conjunction with Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group and local GPs, is signposting activities and events those with life-term issues can access.

Somerset CCG chief executive James Rimmer, who has a long-term condition and is the county's We are Undefeatable ambassador, said: "I can bring both my personal and professional experience to help promote and support this incredibly valuable work being undertaken by SASP.

"As a keen cyclist, I appreciate how being active is important for me to manage my condition.

"I also understand the challenges it brings, especially during this period with the requirement to shield."

SASP chief executive Jane Knowles said: "Even during the current Covid-19 pandemic...we are making sure that anyone with a long-term health condition is able to receive information and guidance about how to be more active, both at home and outdoors.

"This Somerset-wide We are Undefeatable campaign is about helping people make and celebrate the small changes you can do every day to enable yourself to move more."

Information on how to move more, exercises to do at home and outdoors, and links to support groups and activities can be found at or call SASP on 01823-653995.

SASP has ten ambassadors with long-term health conditions who can share their stories to demonstrate how physical activity has improved their health, and happiness through fun, friendships, and fitness.

Chrissie, 77, who has osteoarthritis, said: "Without an exercise routine, you can be in danger of becoming lethargic and then placing both your physical and mental health at risk.

"Not doing regular exercise definitely results in the inevitable expanded waistline for starters and, as the months go by, a deterioration in general health and well-being."