A SOMERSET woman has won herself more than £1million after placing an £8 bet.

The woman, from Yeovil, who works in the construction industry, landed the £1,362,233.60 prize on Thursday from an £8 stake.

A Paddy Power Games spokesperson rang the new millionaire who couldn't believe her luck.

The lucky winner asked for the amount to be repeated again, and said she is keeping the win a secret for now before surprising some loved ones – and herself – with a treat.

“I’m not telling anyone yet," she said.

"I’m thinking of surprising my partner with a car – or perhaps it’s time for me to get something nice like that, or maybe even something better. Treat myself.

“For now, I’m going to surprise him, after what is the most amazing phone call ever.”

The Paddy Power spokesperson said: “This is a Yeo-mazing win for our winner, who has netted over a million quid on Paddy Power Games.

“It’s a good time to get some great news and we hope she treats herself to something nice. Well played.”

For more information visit games.paddypower.com/game/dynamite-riches-grt.