AN ILMINSTER gym owner has launched his second site in South Somerset just 15 months after his first business venture.

Mitchell Wingham was born and raised in the town, and as a teenager he played first-team football for Ilminster and was head boy at Wadham Academy.

He initially set up MawFIT as an online business selling gym products and offering workout support 24 hours a day.

Then, in 2018, Mitchell took over the town’s Ilminster Fitness Centre at the age of just 24.

The IFC company had been running for 12 years in the town, and the gym has continued to go from strength since Mitchell’s takeover.

He rebranded the facility, based in Canal Way, with the MawFIT logo and revamped the interior.

Mitchell said: “After opening my first location in Ilminster, 15 months later I have been able to purchase and open MawFIT 2.0 in Yeovil.

“This sees the growth of the company hit heights I thought I could only dream of.

“It is incredible, the vision I have for my brand, and the impact that we are having in the local community here in Ilminster.

“This is something in which I am very passionate about.”

The purchase has taken place over a series of months with first talks in June of 2019.

Mitchell added: “The road to MawFIT 2.0 wasn’t spontaneous, it was thorough and concise.

“MawFIT plans to grow further and positively impact many more lives.

“We aim to provide more than a gym - we aim to provide a destination for people to train, socialise, develop and feel comfortable.”

The new gym is located on the Pen Mill trading estate in Yeovil and is open for new members.

For more information and to join a MawFIT gym, visit