WATCHING The Mousetrap, I was told a huge secret that I must not reveal in order to keep the magic of the theatre alive. And the other audience members that filled the sold-out theatre won’t tell either. So, you’ll have to see the show to find out yourself.

The question of who committed the murder was on everyone’s minds throughout the show and you flit from character to character, convinced it is one person and then another.

From the hilariously grumpy Mrs Boyle, played by Susan Penhaligon to the rather creepy Mr Paravicini, Steven Elliot, anyone could be a suspect, and everyone acts suspiciously.

As a murder mystery, I was concerned that The Mousetrap (having not seen it before) would be a frightening and dramatic show, but the audience spent most of the evening laughing at the variety of characters that crossed the stage.

Owners of the guest house, Mollie Ralston, played by Edith Kirkwood, and Giles Ralston, played by Adam Lilley, welcomed their unusual guests in one by one.

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Major Metcalf comes from a military background after serving in the army and Christopher Wren is a vibrant character training to be an architect. Mrs Boyle has a distaste for everything and Mr Paravicini is the mysterious stranger. And Miss Casewell, played by Laura Costello, is a modern independent woman who keeps her business private.

Soon, Detective Sergeant Trotter, played by Martin Allanson, arrives and starts to question all the characters about a murder. And the question of “Who Dunnit”? Well, you will have to go and see the show to find out…

The Mousetrap is at The Octagon Theatre in Yeovil until this Saturday (February 22). To book visit

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