A LOCAL geoscientist with over 15 years of international experience living, lecturing and researching in different countries is coming to Yeovil Library on February 20.

Dr Haydon Mort will discuss the way we talk about the climate emergency and how scientific data is presented and distorted.

There will insight into how to make informed decisions and what everyone can do to protect themselves from misinformation.

With emotion at every turn, the talk has received critical acclaim by public and scientist alike in the US, South America. This is the first time that the talk will be for a local audience, so prepare to be surprised, amazed and question everything.

Climate Change: True Lies will be at Yeovil Library on King George Street in Yeovil on February 20 from 10am until 12pm. Entry to the talk is free.

For more information visit somersetlibraries.co.uk/libraries/yeovil-library. Follow Dr Haydon Mort on Instagram @geologizeofficial for more information.