A DRIVER who was forced to escape flood water by sitting on the roof of his car has been rescued by emergency services.

The man had become trapped after heading into four-foot deep flood water on a rural Somerset road.

Fire crews were called to a road between Chard and Ilminster this morning (February 13) after reports of the stranded car.

Two teams were sent to the scene in Stibbear Lane, which comes off the A358 just south of Donyatt.

They attended the driver at shortly after 7am.

A spokesman for the fire service said: "Fire Control received a call reporting one male on the roof of his vehicle after becoming stuck in flood water whilst driving.

"Fire engines from Ilminster and Chard were mobilised and upon arrival at scene they confirmed one vehicle stuck in approximately 4ft of flood water and one male occupant of the roof of the vehicle awaiting rescue.

"The fire crews used dry suits and rescued the male and walked him out to the opposite side of the flood water.

"Police also attending the incident and have now closed off the area of flood water."

The news followed reports that two vehicles had become struck in flooding near where the A303 joins the A30, near Yarcombe.

Police officers and firefighters from Chard and Ilminster were sent to the scene at 3.54am this morning (February 13) where two vehicles had driven into the same stretch of flood water, and the drivers were unable to safely exit their vehicles.

After arriving and quickly assessing the situation, firefighters donned dry suits and used water safety equipment to safely navigate and wade through the water to check the drivers were not injured.

One driver was assisted to safety by the firefighters and the other manage to get out themselves with advice from the crews.

Both driver and their vehicles were safe at 4.45am and the incident was left in the hands of the police, who were awaiting the arrival of the Highways Agency to put a road closure in place.