THE RSPCA is trying to track down the owned of an injured lurcher found straying in Somerset.

The black male dog, believed to be about four-years-old, is now recovering at St Giles Animal Rescue, at Wrantage, where he has been named Sonnie.

He was discovered by a dog warden in Seavington St Michael on Sunday, January 19.

RSPCA inspector Jo Daniel said: "He is very underweight, with his hip bones showing, and has a puncture wound on his back, which has caused a large hole.

"His tail bone is also exposed, so he will need surgery to help with this.

"Sadly, he doesn’t have a microchip so we don’t know where he has come from.

"We’re really keen to hear from anyone who recognises Sonnie or knows where he has come from and are asking people to ring the RSPCA inspectorate line on 0300 123 8018."

The care team at St Giles are trying to rehabilitate Sonnie.

Roz Buckley, training and behaviour advisor at St Giles, said: "Sonnie is undergoing veterinary treatment and is on an extended course of antibiotics for his wounds and pain relief to ensure he is comfortable.

"We have given him routine parasite treatment as he did have a heavy worm burden on arrival.

"He is gaining confidence each day and is showing trust in all our staff members.

"We have found him a fitted fleece to keep him warm as his ribs are very visible and he does not have any fat reserves to keep him warm in this January weather.

"His kennel is equipped with a heat lamp, which we keep on at all times so that he isn't using too much energy to stay warm.

"He has a voracious appetite and we hope he will continue to gain weight and thrive with us here at the rescue and we can look forward to his bright future."