SEVEN babies were welcomed to the world on Christmas Day at Musgrove Park Hospital.

The hardworking staff at the Taunton-based hospital's maternity unit were there to help bring new life into the world throughout the day.

Among the beaming new mums was Bonnie Stretton, who recently moved to Taunton, as she gave birth to Nevaeh Rose at 6.04pm.

The new baby girl weighed 7lb 11oz after mum Bonnie went through a three-day experience to deliver her.

"It was a bit of an ordeal," she said.

"But my grandad was due to go on holiday to the Philippines today (Boxing Day), so I am really happy he got to meet her before he left."

Chard & Ilminster News:

Bonnie said Nevaeh was the best Christmas present she could ask for.

Bridgwater couple Natasha Dyer and James Hine were all smiles after welcoming Isla Hine-Dyer into the world at 11.45pm.

She was due on December 28, but the little bundle of joy arrived a few days early at 7lb 7oz.

Chard & Ilminster News:

Natasha went through a few days of pain before bringing Isla into the world, but says she is now really happy.

Isabel Soares and Celestino Dos Santos, who also live in Bridgwater, were seeing in the arrival of their new baby as many around the country were settling in for Christmas lunch.

At 2.16pm Thomas Duarto Dos Santos was born, weighing 7lbs 9oz.

Hayley Blackmore and Kris Turberville, from Ruishton, had a shock on Christmas Day, when they welcomed their daughter five weeks early.

Hayley was told to expect her baby early, but thought it would be around the New Year.

Chard & Ilminster News:

Darcie Turberville was born at 8.05pm after an emergency caesarean, weighing just 4lbs, and is now being looked after in the intensive care unit.

Hayley has three children, while Kris has two. Darcie is their first child together after facing some struggles with miscarriages, so the pair said she was a Christmas miracle.

Hayley said: "Once Darcie can come home we are going to have a big Christmas celebration with all of our children together."