A MAN who was caught on CCTV urinating on a Chard family’s bins has apologised after being tracked down through an online appeal.

The family of Muhammed Saqib, who live in Holyrood Street, shared the camera footage on Facebook after catching the man in the act.

The appeal was also shared in the News, where the family said they were ‘totally shocked and disgusted’ by the offence.

Chard police visited a number of businesses in their bid to track down the alleged perpetrator, and it was after one of these visits that a member of the public identified the wanted man.

PCSO Joshua Andrew said: “Thanks to Muhammed’s CCTV we were able to track the male down quickly. With the picture being such good quality he was easily recognisable.

“The male in question was then brought in for an interview where he admitted the act.”

Police added that the guilty party, who is a local to Chard, was ‘extremely embarrassed from his actions’.

PCSO Andrew said: “He was drunk at the time of the event and after being sober and watching the video of himself, he feels terrible for what he has done.”

Police decided to enact a community resolution.

“This is when both parties agree on the best course of action to amend the trouble caused,” PCSO Andrew added.

“A letter of apology has been agreed and the male in question was extremely sorry for his actions.”

The Saqib family accepted this as the course of action moving forward, and since the initial CCTV was put online there have been no further incidents of this kind.

“We would like to thank everyone for their co-operation in this incident,” said PCSO Andrew.