A PASSIONATE team of children from Avishayes are making sure their school does its bit in the battle against climate change.

The group of 11 green-hearted pupils has worked hard over the past year to help the primary school recycle more, and to inform students and staff of the importance of environmental issues.

Avishayes Eco Warriors were formed in 2018/19 year, and have already completed litter picks, worked to add recycling bins to each classroom, and organised fundraising competitions.

They meet once a week, normally on Wednesdays, to discuss ways they can make a difference.

One the eco warriors’ founding members, Sam Dunn, contacted the News to further raise awareness of impact climate change is having.

He said: “We started in the last academic year and have just gone on from there.

“We are trying to help educate teachers and pupils where to put their rubbish, and to keep our school clean by doing regular litter picks.

“We are suggesting improvements to make our school more environmentally and plastic friendly.”

As well as new recycling bins, the team also led a saving electricity assembly, organised a competition to make Christmas tree decorations our of recycled materials, and held a non-school uniform day which collected more than £100.

Sam added: “The tree decoration competition is also a fundraiser, with people bringing in 50p with their entry.

The eco warriors has a leadership team of four Year 6s, with ambassadors Sam Dunn and Mariana Prata joined by Charlie Underhill and Iris Mendes.

The group is also made up of four Year 3 pupils, two Year 4s, and a Year 5 student.

Clare Rinaldi, headteacher at Avishayes Primary School, said: “The eco warriors even asked if we could not have Christmas crackers at school this year as they include a lot of single use plastic, so they are putting themselves out really just to be environmentally friendly.

“The eco warriors do their little bit to help save the planet.

“They are very passionate about their role, and work really hard to raise awareness.

“They want to help promote being environmentally friendly, and help us to build that into our curriculum.”