MILTON Jones has now added a additional tour dates to his Milton:Impossible tour and he is coming to Yeovil next November.

Milton will now embark on his tour with 100 dates across the UK and Ireland in 2020.

He will reveal the truth behind having once been an international spy, and then being given a somewhat disappointing new identity which forced him to appear on Mock The Week, Live at the Apollo, Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow and even headline on Dave’s One Night Stand.

This is a love story with a twist, or at least a really bad sprain. Is it all just gloriously daft nonsense, or is there a deeper meaning? Every man has his price. Sainsbury’s, where good food costs less.

Milton said: “My latest show is loosely based on a Tom Cruise film I saw once called something like Undo-able Task. In it I play a Milton who appears to just have a job in Asda, but at night he’s also an international spy involved in secret things and quite bad situations.

“But if daft jokes give you an allergic reaction and send you into a coma, then don’t come running to me!”

Milton will be at The Octagon in Yeovil on November 7 2020. To book visit