THE good times will roll in December with an evening of traditional jazz performed by John Maddocks and his Jazzmen.

John is a superlative clarinettist, very much influenced by the unique style of Johnny Dodds, the great American jazz clarinettist of the 1920s.

Initially inspired by George Lewis, John soon found a love for classic jazz and developed his own style strongly influenced by Johnny Dodds.

His Black Bottom Stompers enjoyed huge success from the mid-60’s until his day job took him away from London in 1972. Since then he has been leading his South Coast based Jazzmen.

John’s ‘speakeasy’ gig at the Arts Centre with Mike Denham back in January was such as success that he’s been invited back with his own, seven-piece band.

He and his ‘jazzmen’ play a wide mix of music from the traditional songbook and are known for their musical drive and cohesion - they’ve been playing and gigging together for nearly fifty years so they know what they’re about.

John Maddocks and his Jazzmen will be at Ilminster Arts Centre in Ilminster on Friday, December 6 at 8pm.Tickets cost £16.

To book visit the Arts Centre or call the Box Office on 01460 54973.