SOUTH Somerset's election candidates want your vote.

Here we meet Thomas Fox, prospective parliamentary candidate for The Constitution and Reform Party.

He said:

Don’t vote for me. I am often quite grumpy and rude (or ‘direct’ might be a more sympathetic word).

I have no qualifications that would commend me as an outstanding candidate by the modern criteria of evaluating a person’s worth to the constituency he or she will serve.

I have failed as much as I have succeeded, perhaps more. I have no energy to campaign after a day’s scaffolding. I have just fought cancer and prevailed and my strength is returning slowly.

Despite these limitations and shortcomings I ask you to consider sending me to Westminster, not on the basis of accolades and attributes, but on those principles on which I stand and from which I will not be budged.

I believe in being kind. I have raised money in my life for the brave British soldiery and I have worked in a refugee camp. I deplore playing races and religions off against one another.

I am all behind working to grow the economy but believe that rampant corruption, as William Wilberforce said, provides the tragic guarantee that there will ‘be no security left for the faithful discharge of any public trust.’

This is part of the reason there is no trust in our politics and why our nation is becoming so vulnerable to proliferating treacheries.

The Constitution and Reform Party would legislate against this corruption.

I also believe that every person should be valued irrespective of their sexuality but that the state should not have interfered with the Church by redefining marriage.

I am, like the Liberal Gladstone and the Conservative Churchill, a respecter and defender of the institutions.

I would seek to repeal the same-sex marriage legislation whilst respecting civil partnerships.

Working for fifteen years in construction has taught me that a constitution is like a foundation. If it is weak disaster looms.

The invaluable public services we depend on (the NHS has saved my life twice) are built on it. Brexit is an irrelevance if our own house is not in order.

Vote for The Constitution and Reform Party. If you believe in miracles.