SOUTH Somerset's election candidates want your vote.

Here we meet Tony Capozzoli, Independent prospective parliamentary candidate.

He said:

Politics is ruining our country. There is too much politics and too many politicians.

You remember that saying 'Great Britain', well I just want to make Britain great again.

My family are from Italy, and my grandfather was a prisoner of war in North Africa.

He came to just outside Bridgwater, and the farmer said that there was a cottage there and if he wanted his family could come over and live there.

I was born in Italy in 1948 and we came over in 1949. We then bought some garages in Ilchester in the 1950s, which was Capozzoli and Sons.

I went to school in Yeovil and I went to Yeovil College. I know the area very well.

I started as a Conservative but I didn't like the politics of it, people telling me what to do and having to toe the party line.

I have been a councillor for 33 years, and 28 of them have been as an independent.

People are fed up with politicians changing parties and one thing and another.

I have been all over to represent the district council, as chairman and vice-chairman. I absolutely appreciate our district council and we have won a lot of awards for being one of the best run district councils in the country.

I believe in doing the right thing for the people.

I believe in climate change, and every time we have a planning application now for buildings, I say where are the eco features, where are the solar panels and the renewable energy sources. We need to be looking at this now.

The country is feeling fed up with Brexit.

I am going to stand with the majority, and if they want to leave then I will do it.

When I am out and talk to people they say 'where do you stand on Brexit?'

I say 'leave', and they say 'you have got my vote then, lets just get on with it and do what we have to do.' That is just the way it is.