SOUTH Somerset's election candidates want your vote.

Here we meet Terry Ledlie, prospective parliamentary candidate for the Labour party.

He said:

Terry Ledlie is to be the Labour PPC for Yeovil at the next General election.

Terry grew up in the Isle of Man. He previously served in the Royal Navy spending a short time at HMS Heron at Yeovilton and served on HMS Edinburgh spending time on deployment in the Falkland Islands in 1999.

He is married with two children who attend local schools in Yeovil.

On returning to Yeovil in 2005 Terry joined Royal Mail as a Postman and shortly after became a union representative for the Communication Workers Union.

Over the last five years, Terry has become an area Delivery rep and covers the Bath area postcode area representing 600 members.

Terry is the current Chairman of Yeovil Labour party. He is also a Town councillor for Abbey Manor South, this being his second term on the council previously representing Yeovil South.

Terry believes that Labour can win in Yeovil and that it’s the local Liberal Democrats who will struggle this time around.

Terry has said that “Over the last three General elections in Yeovil Labour vote has increased by 4,451 votes whilst the Liberal Democrat vote has gone into decline losing 14,197 votes, so Labour has a real chance in Yeovil.”

This election could return a result of a hung parliament and so the best way to make sure that the current Government is removed from power is for Liberal Democrat voters to vote tactically and vote Labour this time around if they really want to get the Tories out.

Yeovil and South Somerset have been hit hard by the austerity policies of the coalition government in 2010 and if elected as the MP, Terry will actively oppose all forms of Austerity and will lobby the government to ensure that investment is made a priority in South Somerset.