SOUTH Somerset's election candidates want your vote.

Here we meet Mick Clark, prospective parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats party.

He said:

Selected in 2018, the Liberal Democrat candidate for the General Election on December 12th is Mick Clark. A former RAF serviceman, who grew up in Yeovil, Mick returned to his roots in 2012 after a diverse career also lead to roles within the NHS Ambulance Services and as a mentor with NGOs in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

More recently, Mick gained local acclaim when in 2017 he came to the aid of a seriously injured woman trapped under a float at Chard Carnival – for which he received an Outstanding Service Award.

On the upcoming General Election, Mick said:

“For too many people, things aren’t working as they should be. They see that working hard and playing by the rules is not enough to guarantee a happy, fulfilling, and secure life for them and their children.

Here, it is a direct contest between the Liberal Democrats and Boris Johnson’s Conservatives. In May’s local elections, Liberal Democrats won 41 her and secured over 50% of the aggregate vote.

We have an ambitious plan for the future of our country, where every single person and community can thrive. We will;

  1. Tackle climate change, with a legally binding target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.
  2. Give schools an immediate cash injection to reverse damaging Tory cuts.
  3. Invest in the NHS & Social care by putting 1p on income tax and making large corporations pay their fair share.
  4. Revive the economy with a major programme of infrastructure investment and research & development.
  5. Restore youth services and community policing to tackle the epidemic of serious violence.


Both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn are determined to pursue Brexit, a path that would see a damaging impact on local manufacturing, retail, and NHS through barriers to trade, imports, and recruitment of staff from the EU on which our NHS relies.

In 1983, Paddy Ashdown set the standard by which MPs are measured, a standard which has not been met by the conservatives since 2015.

Families and businesses in the Yeovil Constituency need a strong, passionate, powerful voice once again. They are demanding better for the future of their children, better for future job security, and better for our schools & NHS.

As your MP, I would give this constituency the decent, hardworking, fully representative MP that they deserve, and to work with our communities to build a brighter future for the UK and the people of the Yeovil Constituency.”