THE great Bake Off adventure has ended for Somerset vet Rosie after she became the latest contestant to leave Channel 4's iconic tent.

After 10 weeks of provided laughs, drama and amazing bakes, Rosie Brandreth-Poynter bowed out during the Great British Bake Off semi final.

Last week, the four remaining bakers had to tackle high end patisserie.

There was a delicate signature of mini domed tarts, a towering technical Gateau St Honore, and finally in the showstopper the bakers had to use all their skill to create an incredible edible Sugar Glass Display case.

After her exit, Rosie said: "For my signature, Prue said she absolutely loved the colour, and the size and decoration of them was perfect."

The technical saw the tent descend into drama, with Rosie remaking different parts of the Gateau St Honore multiple times, but somehow finishing with a near perfect end result.

"The technicals are always so tricky, but this one was particularly difficult," said Rosie.

"It was my most stressful bake ever and yet I won it."

Rosie's last technical wasn't her only challenging time in the tent, after dropping her bake in the 10th series' biggest shock moment.

She said: "In Episode 5 I dropped the Custard Tarts - it was awful at the time in the tent but when it was shown on television it did become a very funny talking point, and social media went a bit crazy about it."

During the 28-year-old's time on Bake Off, she struck up a number of humourous conversations with surreal comedian-turned-presenter Noel Fielding.

Rosie added: "I had some chats with Noel about various veterinary practices - I didn’t think they were funny at the time, it’s what I do for a living.

"When I said one of my bakes was eggy rubber – he said that would be a great name for a band.

"One of the funnier moments was Noel’s reaction to some of my answers because at the time I was busy concentrating on my baking and didn’t see his face, so that made me laugh when I watched it during transmission."

Nearly everyone Rosie has met through work has known she was competing.

"My practice staff have been great and they all enjoyed the show and encouraged me each week," she said.

"All the clients know I am on the show so each appointment has to include a catch up about Bake Off."

On Friday, Rosie also featured in spin off show The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice, where viewers also met her husband Lewis.

Rosie added: "I love spending time with my husband and family, but I hardly saw him during Bake Off unless he was cleaning the kitchen.

"He has been an incredible support - he would go to a 24 hour supermarket shop at 2am to get eggs that I had run out of. I had to practice at night because I was working all day.

‘I have no idea what will happen for me next, in the meantime I am a fulltime vet and I love my job, caring for animals, which is very rewarding. I will continue baking and hopefully make more time for it in the future."