OFFICERS from Avon and Somerset Police have recreated their own Hot Fuzz moment - by rescuing a swan from the M5 motorway.

Two officers rescued a rogue swan recently after they drove past it on the motorway and saw it was badly injured.

In scenes which mirror Simon Pegg's spoof cop film Hot Fuzz in which the two police officers are tasked with finding a lost swan, officers managed to bundle the bird into their car and take it to Secret World Wildlife Rescue for treatment

In a post on social media, a spokesperson for the East Huntspill wildlife centre, thanked the officers for rescuing the bird.

The spokesperson, said: "Thankyou to Avon and Somerset Police, who drove past a swan on the motorway that had crash landed.

"They kindly stopped to pick it up and brought it to Secret World. The officers were very glad to hear the swan had superficial injury's and should hopefully recover well."