ONE of South Somerset’s major carnival clubs has vowed to carry on, despite a potential £2.8million insurance payout which stopped them entering a cart this year.

The Eclipse Carnival Club had hoped to sort out their insurance problems in time for Chard Carnival on October 12, but were forced to pull out the night before the big event.

The group’s problems come after a carnival crash in 2017, when a road crew member became trapped under their cart.

Theresa Finn, part of the crew for the Chard-based Eclipse club, was left fighting for her life after losing a leg in the accident.

After entering as a walking group for Chard Carnival 2019, Eclipse CC were also not able to get cover in time for Taunton’s parade last weekend.

However, the club’s passionate members are still working hard to enter a cart into the Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival, but said they are running out of potential options.

Kane Ellis, from the club, said: “As it stands, we are still desperately trying to feature.

“After the accident two years ago, it is becoming very hard to insurance us because of the potential size of the claim.”

The club was previously insured with the National Farmer’s Union, who insure most of Somerset’s carnival clubs.

They also had public liability insurance with Higos, who also said they will not cover Eclipse CC's cart.

Eclipse’s insurers have put a reserve amount on the claim relating to the accident of £2.8million.

This means that the insurers think if it has to make a payment, £2.8million is its best estimate of the eventual settlement amount.

However, there is no guarantee that is what will happen, and the case is ongoing.

In the meantime, Kane and the other members of Eclipse are still trying to get insurance for 2019.

“We only made the decision to not enter Chard Carnival on the Friday night, and once we told the committee we couldn’t turn up, they suggested we enter as a walking entry,” he added.

After the disappointment of missing their home-town parade, the members held an emergency meeting to discuss the club’s future, and even whether they should shut down.

“Closing down the club was an option,” said Kane.

“It was something we suggested but we looked at it as a last resort.

“We have decided we are going to hang on at the moment.

“We have not had any luck yet with getting insurance.

“We have a couple of companies that haven’t said no, so we are holding out some hope for them.”