FOOTBALLERS who walked off during an FA Cup match after being subjected to racist abuse have been backed by a Somerset trade union group.

The Yeovil and District Trade Union Council has backed players from Yeovil Town and Haringey Borough after their match at the weekend was abandoned following allegations of racist abuse from Yeovil fans.

Two people, one from Chard and another from Yeovil, have been arrested in connection with the incident.

But the council said the incident was cause for concern.

"The recent incident apparently perpetrated by Yeovil Town supporters during the away match against Haringey Borough should be a matter of concern to us all," a spokesperson said.

"Racism sets worker against worker, in the workplace and in society generally. It diverts attention from real problems, such as poverty, low pay, the housing crisis, job insecurity and obscene levels of inequality, blaming those who are not at all to blame whilst letting the bankers and the tax-dodging super-rich off the hook.

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"You don’t have to look far to see what harm racism does.

"Also, this incident reflects badly on the image of Yeovil and Somerset.

"We in Yeovil & District Trade Union Council have a long and proud record of campaigning against racism. Not for nothing is our meeting place called Unity Hall.

"We congratulate the players who walked off the pitch. It was the right thing to do.

"We offer our sympathy and solidarity to Douglas Pajetat and Coby Rowe. Show racism the red card."