THE joy, strength and sheer emotional range of the human voice is showcased at Ilminster Arts Centre this week, with a performance by acclaimed UK acapella group The Teacups.

The Teacups are an unaccompanied vocal quartet focusing on traditional folk-songs from the UK and beyond. They met in 2010 on the Newcastle University Folk & Traditional Music degree.

The band consists of Will Finn, tenor and arranger extraordinaire, Rosie Calvert, songwriter and soprano, Alex Cumming, accordion supremo and bass, and Kate Locksley, alto.

Over the last eight years, The Teacups have travelled the length of the UK and beyond performing their unadorned, gutsy singing, with inventive and sensitive arrangements, encouraging all of their audiences to get involved and sing along, learning the words and the tune together with them.

The Teacups said:“Singing together is life-changing, empowering, therapeutic and an enormous joy, and we love being able to perform for, and with, our audiences, finding both a great strength and vulnerability in the unaccompanied voice.”

They will be at Ilminster Arts Centre this Friday (October 25). To book call 01460 54973.