THE case for Brexit: Great Britain’s exit from the European Union

n We are a democracy.

n 17.4 million voted leave. Leave won. Remain lost.

n The Government said it would honour the result.

n Regain Britain’s sovereignty and independence with an international vision.

n We want to leave the structure of the EU with its autocratic rules and unelected power structures.

n Regain control over our own laws.

n Regain full control over the money we currently send to Brussels. Our net contribution was £8.9 billion in 2018 , we gave an estimated gross £13.2 billion, we got back £4.3 billion of our own money with strings attached. We were not free to spend it as we wished.

n Train our young people in skills needed rather than relying on already trained people from overseas. This giving them skills, jobs, a sense of purpose and a prosperous future.

What about Operation yellowhammer?

n Don’t we all weigh up important decisions with’ what ifs’, so that we can prepare sensibly?

n Government/ businesses and individuals have had three-plus years to prepare. If they have not, why have they not?

n Government kept preparations that were being made secret. Why, is a mystery. Until now Conservatives have failed to provide clear information preparing the country for a new beginning, for new opportunities, a hopeful bright future. Since Prime Minister Johnson they are ‘turbo charging’ the preparations and we see people responding accordingly.

n The new Government is trying for a new deal and preparing for a no deal – but battling against parliament’s internal, farcical warfare and the pending court’s decision.

n Some people are afraid of Brexit. Valuing sovereignty and independence certain sayings come to mind, such as the RAF Motto ‘Per Ardua Ad Astra’ , i.e. ‘through adversity to the stars’. There will be some losers and some gainers. In what ways, truly no one knows for sure. For some, the unknown is exciting, for others scary. I believe Britain will overcome any hurdles and will thrive into the future.

n It is also worth reminding people that remaining in the EU also harbours the unknown. Would we be forced to join the euro? Could our young people be conscripted to an EU army? Is Brussels to set our tax laws? And so the rumours go on.

n There are unknowns to any future.

I have heard the following comments recently, re Brexit.

‘Fed up?’, ‘Want it over?’, ‘Don’t want to hear about it any more’, ‘Confused’, ‘Never going to vote again’, ‘What’s the use, no one takes any notice?’.

I believe we, the public, must not give up now, we all need to run this race to the finish and keep up the good fight, and when the opportunity arises use our votes, for which our forbears fought so hard, as we choose.


Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Brexit Party in Taunton Deane