THREE new on-street recycling bins have been installed in Chard town centre to help people recycle on the go.

Green-keen residents can find the new bins outside the town’s Guildhall and Poundstretchers in Fore Street, and at the top of town near the Chard boulder.

The new bins allow people to recycle cans, paper, card, and plastic, and were installed by Chard Town Council. You can not recycle glass at the moment.

Cllr Jason Baker, mayor of Chard, said: “We are keen to provide bins to reduce the amount of waste that goes to land fill.”

Cllr Baker also referred to the three new bins as a ‘trial’, and said if they are used correctly by the public the council will look to roll the recycling bins out across the town.

He added: “The council is hoping that people will make good use of the bins so that we can recycle more waste and then roll out a replacement programme to eventually replace all of the standard bins with recycling bins, this will help us achieve our environmental goals.”

The bins each have two compartments – one for mixed recycling and one for non recyclable litter – and aim to make it as easy as possible for people to recycle while out and about.

Cllr Baker said: “These bins have been a couple of years in the works. The problem has been getting a business who will take the recycling away, and we have sorted that now.”