ONE of Chard's biggest and most loved carnival club's has been forced to pull out of its hometown parade.

A spokesman for Eclipse Carnival Club revealed on the morning of the event (October 12) that the group's cart would not be spotted on the streets of Chard this year, after failing to secure insurance on their towing vehicle.

The club member said: "It's with great sadness that we aren't able to attend chard carnival tonight.

"After spending the last month building every hour, we have finally produced a cart that we are very proud of which would have been ready for Chard Carnival.

"But unfortunately we aren't having any luck regarding getting insurance on our towing vehicle.

"This is a massive shame and to say we are all completely gutted is an understatement.

"We will be continously trying our hardest to resolve this issue and make it out to later carnival.

"We will be there later showing our support and we wish everyone a fun and safe carnival."

The statement finished adding "#gutted" and "#needamiracle".