A CHARD man who was caught driving while disqualified for the second time in a month has been warned he could be sent behind bars if he does it again.

Aston Tony James Wrightson was previously caught driving just nine hours before the end of his disqualification and given a further ban.

He was then recognised by police officers a month later at the wheel of a Vauxhall Astra and they thought he was a disqualified driver.

When they stopped him he admitted the offence and was also not insured, Somerset Magistrates were told.

Wrightson, 23, of Reed Close, pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified and without insurance on Bradfield Way in Chard on July 17 when he appeared in the dock again at Yeovil.

Prosecutor Emma Lenanton said that officers were on duty at 3.30pm when they saw the defendant driving his car towards Bradfield Way in Chard.

“He recognised the driver as the defendant and thought he was a provisional licence holder, and when the vehicle was stopped Wrightson admitted this was correct,” she said.

“During interview the defendant admitted he was disqualified and that he didn’t have any insurance.”

A Probation spokeswoman said that Wrightson suffered from mental health problems and had also been diagnosed with anxiety and depression for which he was prescribed medication by his GP.

“He lives for his partner and two young children and has also had bereavement issues in his life but has gone back to breaking the law and would benefit from some victim awareness work,” she said.

Defending solicitor Sam Morton said that there was no doubt that his client’s mental health conditions had affected his judgement in this case.

“However he knows the court takes driving while disqualified very seriously and, and if there is any repetition he knows he will lose his car next time,” he said.

“He now promises he will not put himself or his family into this situation again.”

Chair of the magistrates David Phillips said: “This is the second time you have been caught driving while disqualified, however we are not sending you to custody.

“But please be under no illusion, if you are found driving while disqualified again then the option of the next Bench is limited and it is likely you will be sent to custody.”

They sentenced Wrightson to a 12 month community order with a three month tagged curfew between 7pm and 7am and a 20 day Rehabilitation Activity Requirement.

They also banned him from driving for 12 months and ordered him to pay £85 costs and a £90 victim surcharge.