CHILDREN of the town came together to take part in an annual event.

Ilminster Children’s Carnival, which took place on Saturday, September 27, saw more entries this year than last.

The children got dressed up as they took part in the event, which is held in the run up to the main carnival procession.

Brad Amor, of Ilminster Carnival Committee, said: “The procession started on time at 1.45pm and the parade made its way through the town, being led by the Ilminster Majorettes.

“We were very lucky with the weather as it stayed dry throughout the judging, procession and the results.

“There was a great crowd watching the carnival who were showing their support, with many kindly putting money in our carnival collecting buckets.

“We are pleased to say that we had more entries this year taking part which is fantastic.

“We would like to thank everyone who took part and watched this years procession and we are looking forward to the main carnival on Saturday October 5 which starts at 7.15pm.”


Class one - single entry up to seven years old: Skill Candy - Florence Lewis

Class two - single entry eight - 16-years-old on foot: 1st Paint a Picture - Georgia Hounsell

2nd Next Stop Donyatt Hall - Oliver Newbery and ROBLOX - Finley Lewis

3rd: Peter Parker - Alex Probert

Class three - pairs up to 16 on foot:

1st Pearly King and Pearly Queen - Lana and Mason Suckling

Class four - no entries

Class five - seven or more children on foot: 1st Cygnet preschool

Class six - Individual, pair or trio with non-motorised vehicle: 1st A Mouse Lived in a Windmill - Hannah Knight

2nd Showtime - James and Alexander Farley

3rd Magic of the Musicals - Ollie and Elliot Wainwright

Class seven - no entries

Class eight - federation class single or pair: 1st Rhinestone Cowboys - Brooke and Harper Oliver and Hakuna Matata - Kai Newbery

Class nine - federation class group of three of more: 1st Leave no Trace - Family’s R Us

Originality – Chard and Ilminster News cup: Leave No Trace - Family’s R Us

Spirit of Carnival – Tony Goverd Cup: Cygnet Preschool

Best overall individual costume – Barbara Lee Cup: Rhinestone Cowboys – Brooke and Harper Oliver

Most colourful entry: Paint a Picture - Georgia Hounsell

Mayor’s Choice: Pearly King & Pearly Queen – Lana & Mason Suckling

Overall Runner Up – Daido Cup: A Mouse Lived in a Windmill – Hannah Knight

Overall – Chard and Ilminster News cup: Hakuna Matata – Kai Newbery