A PUBLICAN has celebrated 25 years behind the bar by rolling back the prices to 1994.

Duncan Webb slashed prices for one day only at the Brewer’s Arms in South Petherton, to around £1.60 for a pint.

He said: “It was just something to thank you to those loyal customers. We had a few different people in and it got quite mental at the end.

“We had a bit of music for it, with the Guitarist on Wheels in the afternoon, and in the evening was Greg Agar, who is an Australian guy who is living over here at the moment and is a brilliant keyboard player.”

As well as prices rising, Duncan said they now open for longer, have more paperwork, and a couple of extra grey hairs.

The Brewer’s Arms has become part of the heart of South Petherton’s community, with staff and owners frequently raising money for causes around the village.

Just over a month ago, their latest big bike ride raised around £2,500, which is set to benefit the children of the village through schools and youth clubs.

Duncan initially started his time in charge of the business with his brother.

However, he left after five years, and Duncan joined forces with Alison Martin.

The sponsored ride has been held for the past two decades.

Duncan added: I have to thank those who have been at the centre of this.

“My business partner, Alison, and her sister and my other half, Nicki Grenville.

“Those two have been the rock behind it, and I couldn’t have done 25 years without them to be honest.”

The business also celebrated with a cake in the shape of an armadillo - the pub’s unofficial logo.

The reason behind the unusual mascot remains a secret that Duncan still keeps 25 years on.