A PROJECT which provided essentials to young women in a school in Chard is being shut down.

The Red Box Project was founded in March 2017 by three friends who wanted to give young people in their local area access to sanitary products.

After reading about ‘Period Poverty‘ in the news, they were angered at the idea that young people were missing out on their education because they couldn’t afford the products they needed during their period.

In October of last year, local lady Cerri Killworth brought the scheme to Holyrood Academy, but over the past month has been winding down the service.

This is because, from January 2020, the Government will start to provide free menstrual products in primary schools, secondary schools and colleges.

The news has brought a mixed response from the Red Box Project across the UK.

Cerri, who lives in Thorncombe, said: “It is a sad day for us all, however we always hoped that one day our services would no longer be required. We could not have done this without you.

“We have a large amount of stock to ensure that the schools and groups we support will not run out until the Government provision is in place.”

Cerri said she may look to provide a sanitary towel service for people outside an educational setting in the future.

A spokesman for the Red Box Project said: “We always hoped that one day we would not need to exist. Now that day has come.

“To enable the new scheme to run effectively, from October 2019 the Red Box Project will no longer be distributing.

“As well as providing students with the menstrual products they needed, you helped show the world the difference they make to people’s lives.”