AFTER nearly three decades of campaigning, a notorious accident blackspot is finally set for a new speed limit sign.

However, residents of Puddlebridge say the new 40mph speed limit planned for the hamlet is not enough to stop the frequent and dangerous crashes.

The home of Andrew and Caroline Bradbury is situated on the inside of Puddlebridge’s bend, and the pair have seen frequent crashes throughout their four decades living in South Somerset.

The pair first made the front of the News in July 1991 with their campaign for change.

They have made repeated complaints and despite having to rebuild their walls and fencing multiple times, it was the latest accident that scared the pair the most.

On July 30, a navy Ford fusion lost control and crashed into the wall outside the Bradbury’s home.

Andrew said: “Yet again our wall was demolished and this time my wife Caroline, who was out delivering the church magazine, was very nearly involved in the accident.

“This latest accident was entirely speed related and involved a local lady who lives in Horton. Yes the roads are wet and yet, had the driver been adhering to our requested 30 mph speed limit, this accident would not have happened.

“The cost of damage caused by this one incident far outweighs the cost of putting a speed limit through Puddlebridge.”

Following support by local councillors and police, the county council’s highways team have investigated the corner.

A spokesman for Somerset County Council said: “We understand these concerns about vehicle speeds in Puddlebridge but we also have to follow guidance from the Department for Transport when setting speed limits.

“On review, this location has been assessed as suitable for a 40mph limit but is not eligible for a 30mph limit.

“We will continue to work with the local community and police to consider measures to improve safety on our roads.”

The new speed limit is set to be in place by the end of this year, but Andrew is not satisfied.

He said: “It is not enough. This is a waste of money.

“All they needed to do was move the 30mph limit from the village down past us.

“Our wall has been demolished twice in the last two years.

“The wall of the cottage over the road was demolished.

“We rebuilt it, and then it was demolished again.

“We have averaged an accident a year for 40 years.

“Are we waiting for someone to be seriously hurt before we do something?”