PATIENTS have had their say on the service they are provided by their GP in a thorough annual assessment.

The GP Patient Survey has revealed Somerset’s best and worst doctor’s surgeries in 2019.

Residents were asked for their opinion on a variety of elements with practices, from booking appointments, waiting times, out-of-hours services and the quality of care given.

Across Somerset, 17,061 surveys were handed out to patients and 8,057 were completed and returned.

Practices in the Somerset CCG recorded a 85 per cent positive satisfaction rating for overall experience.

Within this category, Taunton's College Way Surgery came out on top for the number of 'very good' ratings.

The practice rated 73 per cent 'very good', 24 per cent 'fairly good', three per cent 'neither good nor poor' and had zero negative responses in 'fairly poor' or 'very poor'.

Judith Kassapian, practice manager, said: "We’re delighted to receive such positive feedback from our patients.

"The GP partners would like to thank the surgery staff for their hard work and our patients for their continued support."

Glastonbury Surgery was close behind with 68 per cent 'very good' and 27 per cent 'fairly good'.

Another Taunton surgery, St James Medical Centre, was also highly ranked, with 60 per cent rating it 'very good', and 32 per cent 'fairly good'.

Find your GP by searching the GP patient website. Seach for the GP weighted excel spreadsheet, and narrow down the search using the CCG code '11x'. 

There are many sections which can be analysed, however the County Gazette has, in the tables below, explored the number of responses given in the 'overall experience' section. 

GP surgeries will be ranked differently when searching in different sections. 

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