TWELVE bags of rubbish were collected at the latest Chard litter pick.

The session took place on Saturday, July 20, organised by Serena Wootton.

Four groups of volunteers walked from each of the 'Chard' town signs, taking part in a friendly race to finish.

Ms Wootton said: "We had a group of twenty or so volunteers, all eager to pick up as much litter as possible.

"We all agreed that Chard was much cleaner than last time we did it; Furnham road was by far the worst area.

"We did include a special trip down to the old train station and cleaned round there as someone had asked us to.

"We collected twelve large sacks and sorted and recycled at least half of the rubbish, saving all that rubbish from going to landfill."

The next session will take place on Sunday, October 13, to coincide with the carnival clear up efforts.

To get involved email or look up Plastic Free Chard on Facebook.