‘SHE has wanted to do this for years and was over the moon when she had her hair cut. We’re so proud of her.’

Those are the words of Lucy Hopkins, who said her six-year-old daughter Tilly has been growing her hair for years just so she could get it cut for the Little Princess Trust.

Lucy said Tilly was inspired to grow her hair after seeing her cousin donate her locks to the charity and her daughter’s dreams came true when she had her beloved locks chopped off at Donna Eyre in Chard on July 16.

She said: “We have family that are based in Hertfordshire where the Little Princess Trust is based and Tilly’s cousin has donated her hair before so it is a cause that is close to her heart.

“She has been growing her hair out for years and has always wanted to do it to help another child and to help The Princess Trust.

“Before Tilly got her hair cut we created a Just Giving page to raise funds for the trust and so far we have managed to raise £390 which is amazing.

“She was extremely excited to get to the salon, she really wanted to get it done so badly.

“She had quite a lot of hair cut off but wanted to still keep some length in her hair and was happy with the cut

“She is so happy that she did it as she really wanted to donate her hair to help another child.”

Lucy said Tilly hopes to grow her hair long again so she can have it cut to raise more money for the trust.

She said Tilly’s actions have inspired others at her school to get their hair cut and she is ‘proud’ of her daughter.

“It is remarkable what she has done,” Lucy said.

“She has wanted to do this for years and was over the moon when she had her hair cut, we’re so proud of her.

“She has inspired people at her school to get involved and do the same thing which I think is amazing so hopefully the Little Princess Trust will be getting some more hair donations in the future.

“Tilly has said that she plans to grow her hair long again and go back to the trust to make another donation.”

If you would be interested in donating hair to the Little Princess Trust visit littleprincesses.org.uk/donate-hair or call 01432 352359.