A NEW green group is already making waves in Ilminster with climate change demonstrations and anti-plastic protests.

The Green Ilminster group held its first event shortly after forming, a plastic attack at the town’s Tesco superstore.

Throughout the day, members of the new group were positioned outside the supermarket with banners and placards.

They took it in turns to enter the shop and buy items, before collecting unnecessary single use plastics in trollies to return to Tesco staff.

Sarah Hunt is one of the group’s leaders, and was there are the start of the day with Cissie Hunt and Nick Beecham.

Sarah said: “It was really good and we had a really positive response. It feels like people really do want things to change.

“For Green Ilminster, we want to be a bit of a catalyst for getting people to think differently and to put pressure on people to change their ways, especially those big companies.”

After an inaugural success, the group are planning to return to Tesco for another plastic attack on July 27.

Sarah added: “The staff at Tesco were really good and accommodated us really well, and they invited us to go along again.”

Other plans in the works from the group include old flower meadow planting, and protests targeting climate change.

For more information, visit facebook.com/greenilminster.