HARDWORKING volunteers have been left ‘frustrated’ after vandals have once again struck at a beloved historic landmark.

The restoration of Donyatt Halt was part of a community project between 2005 to 2009

Wanton vandals have repeatedly struck the Donyatt Halt project ever since villagers started to restore the old Stop Line Way junction, including a devastating arson attack in November 2015.

Now, the statue of an evacuee which holds residence at the station has been struck again.

The figure, known locally as Doreen and based on a real evacuee, had to be created from scratch after the shocking 2015 fire.

The statue’s nose has been smashed off, while damage has also bee caused to the rest of its face.

Donyatt resident Nick Chalon said: “I was away for a weekend and my neighbour just said to me ‘shame about the nose’.

“I am so frustrated by the whole business of how somebody would want to do that.

“They even scraped the eyebrow there as well.”

Nick is furious at the lack of respect being shown to the historic landmark.

He added: “I was here the other day and a couple of people were sunbathing on top of the shelter and a boy was sat on top of the sign.

“There is more than £1,000 of benches to be used. We like it see them using it but I think they need to treat the place with a bit more respect.

“I pick up empty bottles and things here too but I don’t normally say anything.”

In 2009, four men were arrested after causing criminal damage to the project, before restoration had even been completed.

In June 2011, a swastika was brandished on the side of the station shelter.

Just town months after that, in August 2011, people threw stones through the shelter’s roof and carved profanity into the statue.

The original bench was also stolen, with thieves sawing through the planks.

After the fire, restoration cost in the region of £10,000, all raised by local individuals and businesses.

Now, it is set to cost at least £300 to fix the statue again.

“A lot of local people here in the village have put time and effort into this,” Nick added.

“I am frustrated by the wanton vandalism by a few people or an individual.”