IN this week’s News, South Somerset’s Conservative MP Marcus Fysh lays out why he has chosen to #BackBoris in the ensuing leadership vote.

Talking to News, Mr Fysh said...

We are on the cusp of a fresh start in British politics which is sorely needed.

The challenges of the last few years are far from confined to the Conservative Party, although differences over Europe continue to cause division.

The Labour Party is in a mess over policy, as well as its ongoing problems with antisemitism and elements of extremism.

People feel let down by lack of progress in areas such as education and social care as well as the apparent stalemate over leaving the EU.

Soon we will have a new Prime Minister and cabinet team.

They will take on an enormous responsibility and need to show leadership that will not only take us through Brexit but also encourage us all to remember our great nation’s strengths and, crucially, how the United Kingdom is greater than the sum of her parts.

For me Boris Johnson is the man for this job.

He is hugely charismatic and a gifted communicator.

We have perhaps drifted away from these qualities in Government recently and they have been missed.

It is a mistake to think though that this means Boris is not a skilled and effective organiser as his time as London Mayor demonstrates.

He knows how to put a great team together and get results.

In London he took on crime head on and achieved dramatic success.

He reinvigorated our parks and green spaces and introduced hybrid buses to tackle pollution.

He understood how important it is to promote our values across the globe and how politicians are salesmen for their nations.

Jeremy Hunt is doing a good job at this as Foreign Secretary and I hope he remains in that role so they can work together.

Boris knows what is needed to get Brexit done.

He is fully engaged with progress on finding solutions to the Irish border issue.

He is totally on top of the details of plans like trusted trader schemes and checks carried out away from the physical border that I and others have been working to put together.

He also knows that only by tackling this can a deal get passed through the House of Commons.

Finally, Boris has strong connections with Somerset and loves our part of the country.

He is fully behind our infrastructure projects.

This includes improvements to the A303 and sees the potential that our economy has to play an even greater role in the country.

In fact, although a very successful Major of London, I think that he can take that energy and boost the entire country, making sure no areas are left behind.

Keeping Jeremy Corbyn out of Downing Street is still the biggest factor for the health of our nation and no one will do that better than Boris.