DRIVERS in Ilminster have been given a warning by police after reports of two weight limits in the town being flaunted by heavy vehicles.

Restrictions are in place on B3168 between Blackdown View and East Street, and from Townsend to the bottom of Kingstone Hill.

The weight limits apply to vehicles with a maximum gross weight (lorry and its load combined) of 7.5 tonnes or above.

This means that even if a lorry capable of carrying that sort of load has delivered its goods, it is still not allowed to enter the restricted zone.

There is one exception.

PCSO John Martin said: “The only reason lorries can go through these limits is if they are making a call/delivery between the two signs.

“This means they cannot go through it to get to a house or road or village just the other side of the limit.”

The added complication with the two weight limits so close to each other, is that you are not allowed to pass through one to get to the other.

PCSO Martin added that HGV drivers must use a special sat nav for lorries, which plans routes based on the vehicle’s height, width and weight.

The maximum fine which can be given to lorry drivers for breaking weight limits is £1,000.

PCSO Martin said: “It has been reported to us at Ilminster Police Post that it is a regular occurrence of lorries breaching limits, and we will be on the lookout for misusers.

“A ticket that may result in a fine can be issued.

“Several companies have already received phone calls from us of their drivers breaching these limits and warned about further incidents.

“Please be aware of your driver responsibilities and restrictions.”