TWO Chard brothers have had allegations of assault and public order made against them thrown out by magistrates.

Samuel William Symes, 31, of Holyrood Street and Thomas Curtis Symes, 26, of Halcombe Estate, appeared in the dock together at Yeovil facing charges dating back to the summer of 2018.

Samuel Symes was charged with assaulting David Gaylard by beating him at Chard on August 27.

Thomas Symes was alleged to have used towards Mr Gaylard threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour with intent to cause him to believe that immediate unlawful violence would be used against him during the same incident.

Both defendants pleaded not guilty to the offences at a previous hearing before Somerset Magistrates and were back in the court to stand trial.

However prosecutor Jennifer Grehan said that the primary witness in the case, Mr Gaylard, had previously indicated he would not be attending to give evidence so a witness summons had been requested.

Due to an administrative failure that summons had not been served on the complainant and he had not attended.

The magistrates said there should not be a delay in the trial so the prosecution offered no evidence and the charges against both brothers were dismissed.