A PRIMARY school in Chard has marked a national Portuguese holiday by hosted an international celebration.

Manor Court School’s multi-cultural day coincided with Portugal Day, with children choosing to sport the colours of the European nation, Poland, or one of the other countries pupils have been learning about.

Alan Clode, deputy headteacher said “The staff and children, who attend Manor Court Primary School, are proud that it is a multi-cultural community in which 26 percent of its children’s heritage originates in a country that is not the United Kingdom.

“This reflects the cosmopolitan nature of Chard and is worth embracing and celebrating.”

An exhibition of Portuguese artefacts was held in the library and during assembly a local musician played traditional Portuguese fado music on his guitar and accordion.

In the afternoon children sampled traditional Polish and Portuguese food and played traditional games from different countries.

Luke Talmage, headteacher has said: “Much credit and gratitude must go to Mrs Gomez who teaches Portuguese language to all of our KS1 children for arranging such a brilliant day.”