'IF it was an attack, then why did I still have my phone and my wallet... unless someone did it for fun?'

Those are the words of 73-year-old Bridgwater man Robin Powell, after he was discovered in a shopping centre car park with significant and mysterious injuries - including a permanent dent in his skull.

Mr Powell was making a routine trip to Angel Place with his wife at 10am on May 10 when he was discovered on the floor with the serious injuries to his face.

He was rushed to hospital by ambulance, and spent 13 days under the watch of doctors before being released.

As well as the dent in his skull, Mr Powell suffered fractures to his left eye socket and left cheek bone, and extensive bruising to his face, left shoulder and right wrist.

Five weeks on from the attack, Mr Powell said: "I am in a state-of-shock still.

"I have been out of hospital for a while now. I got out on May 23.

"I am still getting headaches now, but nothing permanent. My shoulder and elbow are back to normal, my face is mostly back to normal.

"I have still got a dent in my head which is where my skull was hit."

Although it is unknown how Mr Powell received his injuries, doctors do not believe they were just caused by a fall and the incident has sparked a police investigation.

PC Ryan Burr said: “We need help to establish what happened to this man as he can’t remember and unfortunately there’s no CCTV in the car park.

“Were you in the car park on the morning of 10 May? Did you see how the man came to be on the floor?

“Or did you see anyone acting suspiciously in the area at the time?”

Mr Powell has described the incident as being a normal day.

He said: "I drove into town and took my wife to the hairdressers. I parked in Angel Place and went into Wilkinsons.

"I bought some razors and then took them back to the car. I locked the car and was going to go and have my haircut.

"The next thing I know, well I was told I was in a heap on the floor.

"Apparently I said I had fallen over, but the injuries I sustained were more serious than that.

"The doctors don't think I just fell over."

Mr Powell said the dent in his skull is on the side of his head, near to the temple.

He had scratches and marks were all over his face, including under his chin.

"It is a bit of a mystery," he added.

"I must have been unconscious for a little bit, I think anyone would be with that amount of damage.

"I can recall the ambulance arriving and parking outside Angel Place alongside the wall by the loading area.

"I recall the ambulance being there, and then I remember once they had sorted me out in hospital, so I lost a few hours there."

In total he spent 13 days in hospital undergoing a number of x-rays, tests and scans, although no operations were required.

He has since returned to Southmead Hospital in Bristol to see a consultant.

"People keep asking if I have suffered anything like this before, like going unconscious, but I haven't.

"I can't remember the last time I went to the doctor, and I think it was just a check up.

"The police and PC Burr have been very good in following it up and everything.

"Hopefully we can help them to find something.

At 73, Mr Powell said he still leads an active life, and attends the Men's Shed in Taunton twice a week, although he is unable to go at the moment.

"I just can't believe I would fall over like that," he added.

"If I tripped I would try to correct myself. To fall down and be knocked totally unconscious just doesn't make sense.

"If it was an attack, then why did I still have my phone in tact and my wallet in my pocket, unless someone did it for fun?"

If you witnessed the incident or have information which could help police, please call 101 and provide the call handler with the reference 5219106104.