A GROUP of village bus campaigners are celebrating after a local service was adapted following their protests.

Ilton villagers, along with their county councillor Adam Dance, had called for changes to the Ilminster Shuttle Bus, which was introduced to the area last year.

The campaign group was founded by Jenny Gribble, Dianne Atyeo and Pat Bicknell.

Dianne said: “When the Ilminster shuttle bus first started it wasn’t particularly useful for us, not going to the right place or at the right time.

“There were at least three other people saying the same thing, and couldn’t it link up with the number 30 bus in Ilminster as well.”

Jenny said: “Pat can’t see very well, can’t walk very well and can’t hear very well. Dianne has arthritis and walks with a stick. When the new bus came in they had to walk at least 20 minutes.

“Then they could only catch the Taunton bus if it ran late.”

Jenny contacted her county councillor Adam Dance, who worked with highways officers to make changes to the route that would work for everyone.

“Not having adequate transport links, it is like being kept prisoner in your own home,” said Adam.

“I couldn’t imagine being stuck like that.”

Now, instead of Pat and Dianne having to trek from either end of the village to catch the bus, there are three set stops.

Dianne added: “Also the bus, instead of stopping in Market Square, now stops at Orchard Vale, and it goes on to the two surgeries in the morning.

Jenny added: “We have to persuade people to use the shuttle now we have fought so hard for it.

“People need to use it, otherwise they could lose it.

“For a lot of people how can’t get anybody to give them a lift, life can be so limited without a bus.”