THIS week’s #TalkUpIlminster offer comes from Wine World, which has just celebrated its one year anniversary in the town.

Business owner Simon Yorke has an enviable view from his office window, looking straight out onto the town’s iconic St Mary’s Church, better known as The Minster.

Simon said: “It is just such a nice place and the opportunity arose. I knew Ilminster had had a wine shop four or five years ago which had been very popular but that went.

"It is nice to have another outlet, and it is a lovely town with great people.”

Simon has also joined forces with other businesses, supplying restaurants or shopping for tools.

He added: “When we were setting up I spent most of my time in the Ilminster Home Hardware. I wasn’t going to go anywhere else because that is what we are all about – staying local and shopping local.

“We have a few of the other shop owners come in and a couple of the restaurants from the other end of town.

“There are a couple of good organic restaurants and we have a few nice organic wines they come in for.

“Ilminster is a great hub. Lots of villages use Ilminster as their supplier for a butchers, their dairy, their vegetables and so on.”

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This week also includes 20% off in PAWS Pet Shop, 15% off at The Flying Fish, and discounts with The Bell Inn and Silver St. Dairy.